Clever Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Clever Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

There are plenty of things to be thankful for! One we all seem to agree with, is simply being able to socialize and spend time with our families. We all have a deeper appreciation for the meaning of together, and streaming services – to start. This holiday season, show your thanks with small acts of kindness by volunteering in our community and beyond!

Here are some creative ways to give back this holiday season:

Donate directly to your favorite charity

Nonprofits need your aid now more than ever. A nonprofit organization is partnered with each of our Neighborhoods.

Volunteer by giving your time and abilities this holiday season:

  • Serve food at a soup kitchen

  • Deliver meals to people in need

  • Volunteer at a fundraising race

  • Organize a toy drive

  • Give blood

  • Join a community choir to carol at senior homes and hospitals

  • Offer to babysit free of charge for a busy young parent

  • Write Christmas cards to soldiers or the elderly

Want to lend your support elsewhere? What are the things you care about? Do some research and see how to make direct connections to an organization. Not only will they set you up with the best way to support them, but you’ll also remain connected through the coming year and see your efforts put into action.

Give financially this holiday season:

  • Give a donation in someone’s name as a gift

  • Do your Christmas shopping from ethical companies with a charitable focus

  • Keep cash on hand to give to people collecting money outside of grocery stores and malls

  • Buy a few extra items during your shopping to contribute to your local food pantry or toys for a toy drive

  • Sponsor a family or child living in extreme poverty in a third world country

  • Ask people to donate in your name instead of giving you gifts

  • Call the homeless shelter and ask about their greatest need this season

  • Host a “baby shower” to collect items for your local crisis pregnancy center

  • Put money in the collection basket at Christmas Mass


Little things add up to a big picture.

If you can’t donate financially, you can still make a difference by being more conscious of your daily activities. For example, instead of purchasing products that need you to toss anything away, you can start a new eco-friendly habit by making sure you always have your cloth shopping bags or travel mugs with you. Connect with an old buddy you’ve been wondering about, or write a letter to a family member or loved one who lives far away. Little actions you do throughout the month can add up to a big difference.


Support Small Businesses in Your Community

Instead of shopping at the large box stores on Black Friday, support tiny local businesses. Not only will you be helping your community, but you’ll also be able to find something special for that special someone in your life. Use sites like Yelp and Instagram to find local small businesses.


Take care of yourself

It’s fine to be grateful for oneself as well. This year, you’ve accomplished a lot. You are deserving of a reward. You can do something good for yourself while helping others, whether it’s a small token from a local business or a full-fledged catered spread from a locally-owned restaurant. This is referred to as a win-win situation.


We want to thank you from all of us at The View Tower Apartments to yours in the spirit of thankfulness and thanks. We’re delighted to have you as a resident, and we hope you love calling The View Tower home as much as we do!


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