5 Tips For Getting Your Apartment Ready for the Holidays

5 Tips For Getting Your Apartment Ready for the Holidays

You don’t have to give up your interior design skills just because you live in an apartment, especially during the holidays. This holiday season, we will do everything to bring some Christmas cheer to our property. What you do with the interior of your apartment, on the other hand, is fully up to you! We put together 5 tips for getting your apartment ready for the holidays. Let’s make sure you’ve covered all the bases…



Merry Christmas and happy new year, small Christmas tree on wood

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Christmas decorations? The tree is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s begin with the tree and work our way up. Our floor designs at The View Tower provide enough room for a full-size tree. However, if you still want a smaller tree, you have a few options. We’ll present a selection of trees that can be used with almost any floor plan.


Tree with a Slim Figure

Slim trees come in both real and imitation pine varieties and may be purchased almost anyplace. These are the tall and slender trees that you notice. Based on their height, they appear to be a full-sized tree, yet their breadth is substantially narrower than a conventional tree. Slim trees are therefore a good choice for fitting into small spaces, such as a corner or nook.


Miniature Tree

Small trees can be just as powerful as their larger counterparts in evoking the Christmas spirit. Consider purchasing one (or more) small trees if your floor space is especially limited. Miniature trees can be displayed on shelves, bookcases, windowsills, tabletops, and other surfaces. You could even distribute them over your place for a tiny winter paradise!


The Half-Tree

If a slender tree is too slim and a miniature tree is too small, there is another option that provides a full-bodied tree sensation without taking up too much area on the floor. Think about buying a half-tree. Half trees are convenient since one side is apartment and the other is full. This makes it ideal for creating the illusion of a complete tree only when it’s visible, while taking up as little space as possible where it’s not.


Tree on the Wall

If you don’t have enough floor space or want to handle things differently, we’ve got you covered. You might want to consider a wall tree. A wall tree is a less expensive alternative to a real tree that nevertheless looks like one. Lights, garland, Christmas cards, or any other décor can be used to create a wall tree. The secret is to arrange them in a triangle (or tree) shape, and you’ve got yourself a wall tree!



Sweet home. White Christmas decor

It isn’t required to choose a theme for your apartment, but having one in mind may make shopping and decorating easier. When you have a constant theme throughout your residence, it can also help bring everything together. Here are some theme suggestions to help you decorate your apartment for the holidays:


Icons of the Holidays

Classic emblems that frequently signify Christmas and the holidays are referred to as popular holiday icons. Snowflakes, candy canes, reindeer, elves, present boxes, and so on. During the Christmas season, most stores have miniature (and huge) sculptures and decorations of all of these types of seasonal icons.



Color-based themes are a popular and enjoyable way to decorate for the holidays. It can make decorating as simple as looking for one or two distinct hues. Reds, greens, golds, silvers, blues, and whites are common color combinations. Any of these color combinations can make your residence stand out. You are not, however, limited to these options. There are so many colors to select from! During the Christmas season, brighter colors like purple and teal are becoming increasingly fashionable.



A form of theme is more accurately described as a “style” of décor. When deciding on a style, it’s a good idea to consider your present setup. Take a look around your place and notice what kind of vibe it has. Is it considered rustic? Classic? Elegant? Artsy? Whatever style you’ve developed before can benefit greatly from Christmas décor in that same manner. A continuous ambiance may truly draw the attention in.



Brightening up your apartment with twinkly lights is a terrific way to add an unmistakable layer of Christmas cheer. Although you won’t be able to hang them from your roof, Command strips allow you to put them almost anywhere in your apartment. What’s even better? They take up very little room, if any at all.


Drape the lights above windows or mirrors, hang them from the wall or ceiling, place them above doors, or wrap them around pillars or bed posts. You might not want to take them down once they’re up!




If you don’t have a fireplace or mantel, finding a spot to hang your stockings can be difficult. If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t have this luxury. But don’t be concerned. There are a variety of additional unusual places where you can hang your stockings so that your guests (and Santa) can find them. Consider purchasing Command strips or heavyweight stocking holders. You’ll be able to hang your stockings almost anywhere this way. You name it: shelves, bookcases, counters, walls, window sills, and so on. Stockings can also be hung from a coat rack or key holder. Stockings are not only exposed to chimneys, believe it or not.




This is where you can truly let your imagination run wild. Add candles, greenery, mistletoe, pine cones, or any other final touches you think your apartment requires to make it holiday-ready. When it comes to Christmas decor, adding a fuzzy white blanket or some festive throw cushions to your coach may really make the difference. You can even hang a wreath on your front entrance to show that you’re in the festive spirit.



We hope you found these suggestions for getting your apartment ready for the holidays helpful. We want you to feel at ease throughout the holidays at The View Tower Apartments. Check us out in the Shreveport – Bossier City area if you’re looking for a spot to warm up this winter. To learn more about our unique apartments with incredible views, Call (318) 284-8369, Schedule A Tour, or Check Our Availability Here.

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